To Do Mapr is loaded with useful features to help you complete your tasks.

Quick Add

Use this feature to quickly add destination and non-destination based tasks from the Dashboard without having to spend time editing the details.  We wouldn’t call it Quick Add if it took long, right?


My Tasks

One-stop shop for all of your task-related activity.  Manage any aspect of your tasks from this screen.  Add, edit, delete, get directions, have tasks read aloud… what can’t you do here?



Quick snapshot of your agenda.  Create, move and delete tasks directly from the Calendar view.

Map Tasks

Map destination-based tasks by Optimal Path or Due Date/Time.  Access features like Google Maps directions or call the destination, then get to where you need to be quickly so you can save time and money.

My Lists

Save and re-use things like groceries lists or sub-tasks with My Lists.  Use the Import feature to import items from a saved list in My Lists into your task.


My Places

Manage often visited destinations with My Places.  My Places allows you to get directions or add destinations to your tasks with the tap of a finger.

Backup / Restore to SD

Perform full backup and restore of your Tasks, Places and Lists.


Access important To Do Mapr functions with handy Home Screen Widgets.  There are 2 available to you – one simple which takes up less screen space and the other detailed.

Google Tasks Syncing (Beta)

Stay up to date from multiple sources by syncing with Google Tasks. To Do Mapr will keep you in sync whether you update your Google Tasks online or within To Do Mapr.